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Atoms for Peace Playing a Festival Near You (if You Live in Eastern Europe)

Thom Yorke's Atoms for Peace

Thom Yorke still isn’t making this one easy for you. As Atoms for Peace continue their mystery-shrouded runup to February 26 album Amok, which you can stream below, the Radiohead frontman’s other band has revealed its first festival dates surrounding the release, as Consequence of Sound points out. The good news: There’s three of them! The bad news, if you live in the U.S.: They’re in Germany, Serbia, and Slovakia. Start saving your airfare now.

Atoms will drop on the July 10-14 EXIT festival, in Novi Sad, Serbia; the July 11-13 Bažant Pohoda festival, in Tren?ín, Slovakia; and the July 19-21 MELT! Festival, in the former East Germany’s Ferropolis. Yorke and Peace member/Radiohead producer Nigel Godich also have a handful of live DJ sets coming up, starting tonight in London. Better start booking those flights to Belgrade, though, because the DJ sets sold out almost immediately.

The band’s upcoming concert in Germany is as good an excuse as any to point you toward today’s conveniently Yorke-related SPIN feature, Positively Charged: Thom Yorke’s 20 Biggest Influences, which most definitely includes German art rock.