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Super Rich Kids Jaden and Willow Smith Are Super Emo Kids on Moody Collab ‘Kite’

Willow Jaden Smith Kite PBR&B Emo Lost

About a year ago, after seeing an unexpected shot of Will Smith’s tiny female progeny hanging out with Odd Future’s controversial leader, we wondered if Tyler, the Creator was corrupting Willow Smith. Now it seems the source might be closer to home. Last week, the 12-year-old girl sang wistful dejection all over a sample of Radiohead’s “Codex,” and now she appears on a new PBR&B bum-out by her big brother Jaden, 14.

Their song is called “Kite” and like “Sugar and Spice” before it, the track contains some heavy vibes. Jaden, who has recorded a Kid Cudi cover or two in his (short) time, does a decent Drake impression as he raps about having “no friends,” “feeling pain,” and the “motion” of someone’s “ocean” that’s got him “rollercoastin’.” The star of the show, however, is Willow, who offers some spacey rhymes (“Lil’ mama got bars”) and Internet-style psychedelic sing-song. By way of description, the YouTube embed comes with only one very emo word: “Lost.” These kids are indeed out in the woods, but there’s a chance that these breadcrumbs could lead somewhere good.