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Is Tyler, the Creator Corrupting Willow Smith?

Willow Smith may be five years away from getting her learners’ permit, but she’s already savvy in the ways of the media. She first emerged with a tween-appropriate squeaky-clean song about swinging her (now non-existent!) hair around. And now she’s hanging out with Tyler, the Creator. Kids these days! They grow up so fast.

Will and Jada’s offspring shared photos via her Instagram account yesterday of her and Odd Future ringleader Tyler, the Creator chilling in Los Angeles at the rap collective’s pop-up shop on Fairfax. In one, she and Tyler pose together, and her caption reads, “Life is complete…Love of my life.” Love of her life? Willow has Instagrammed pictures of Odd Future releases before, but this is certainly new.

As concerned parents, the Smiths are probably well aware of Tyler’s… controversies (because there were a few). But then, on the other hand, Tyler is, more or less, still a kid. He doesn’t drink or smoke. He met Justin Bieber and freaked out.

And here’s a fun fact! Bieber worked with Willow’s brother Jaden on “Happy New Year,” so if Tyler works with Bieber like he’s claimed he wants to, and if Willow ends up working with Odd Future… we smell a full Smith family circle coming ’round. It’s a pretty long way from “Kill people, burn shit, fuck school” to “Keep my head up, I know I’ll be fine.” But “Whip My Hair” also includes the line, “Hop up out the bed, turn my swag on.” Maybe Lil’ Smith has been an Odd Future operative this whole time.