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Twitter Account Prince Maybe Ghostwrites Posts Unreleased ‘Screwdriver’ Snippet

prince screwdriver

Prince is definitely up to something. Even though he notoriously despises the world wide web with every cell in his tiny but talented body, throughout the past few weeks, new songs by the Purple One keep popping up on the Internet, including one track called “Same Page Different Book” that surfaced via a mysterious Twitter account with suspiciously unfettered access to the Artist Formerly Known As.

Today, that same Twitter user, dubbed 3rdEyeGirl, took to her/his — you never know the post-Te’o era — YouTube account to post a snippet of another unreleased Prince track, “Screwdriver.” The song is a full-out jam rave-up similar to Hendrix tracks like “Come On (Let the Good Times Roll)” and Prince’s own 2007 single “Guitar.” And that’s about all we know.

As Consequence of Sound points out, ever since Prince hired the Web Sheriff to go after his own fans, it’s been borderline impossible to post any of the singer’s music on YouTube, yet 3rdEyeGirl’s videos of seemingly unreleased Prince music goes unmolested by the copyright police, leading many to believe Prince is somehow involved in this viral marketing. Prince did recently announce a string of concerts in his native Minneapolis, and he did release a new single called “Rock & Roll Affair.”  Something big — bigger than a Carnegie Hall tribute concert, even — looks to be on the horizon.