Mysteriously Prince-Affiliated Twitter Account Leaks Funky ‘Same Page Different Book’

prince, same page different book

“All right, listen y’all,” a Prince-ly voice banters over taut funk-soul on “Same Page Different Book,” a newly surfaced song being attributed to the Purple One. “We’re about to let this just… groove!” That’s about what the rest of us will have to do with the previously unreleased track above, which, as Antiquiet reports, surfaced via a new Twitter account that has been posting Prince-related links. As Prince gets set to receive a Carnegie Hall tribute concert on March 6, this spiritually themed new song, which features sizzling guitar playing and a female guest vocal, stays true to the organic rootsiness of recent new song “Rock and Roll Love Affair.” Here, Prince (or his sound-alike) essentially reiterates Maya Angelou’s forever-relevant statement that “human beings are more alike than unalike,” howling, “What are we fighting for?”

First spotted by funk blog Dr. Funkenberry, the Twitter account responsible for the track is of unknown origin — could be unauthorized, could be a totally legit viral marketing campaign — but what’s clear is the mystery tweeter has access to a trove of Prince music. Also below hear Prince proclaiming himself “the Purple Yoda” (rhymes with “Minnesota,” awesomely) on a murky extended take on “LayDown,” from his 2010 album 20ten. There’s also a dramatically different remix of “Rock and Roll Love Affair,” plus an excellent black-and-white rehearsal video of a hoodie- and shades-wearing Prince and his band performing “Bambi,” originally from his 1979 self-titled album. This one includes another particularly searing guitar solo, and it’s reason enough to let Prince and his cryptic Twitter accomplice just “groove” for now.

“LayDown (Xtended)”:

“Rock and Roll Love Affair (Remix)”:

“Bambi” rehearsal video:


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