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Lupe Fiasco Quits Halfway Through Two-Part Album

lupe fiasco

With one tweet, Lupe Fiasco’s 2013 has changed completely.

The rapper was supposed to follow up his Grammy-nominated Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 with a second volume this spring, but that isn’t happening anymore. According to Rap Radar, a message posted to Fiasco’s official Twitter account yesterday (and since deleted) read: “A decision has been made that the project titled ‘F&L 2 Part 2’ will be summarily cancelled for public release in 2013. The title/concept for Lupe’s 2013 release will be revealed later this year. The LF Twitter will be closed until that time.”

Following that tweet, Lupe’s Twitter avatar and all of the 5,000+ tweets he made the past few years were deleted. And just so, all of the hard work that went into #BoycottSpinMagazine was erased, like it never happened at all. His 1.3 million followers have yet to flee the scene.

Food & Liquor II was originally envisioned as a double-disc album before the project was split in two; Pt. 1 arrived last September, with Pt. 2, or the sequel to the sequel, due out early this year.