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Hear Jamie xx Convert the xx’s ‘Sunset’ Into a Dance Jam

Jamie xx Remix the xx Sunset coexist xxmas

The xx’s “Sunset” can make the entire case for Coexist‘s subtle majesty all by its lonesome. As SPIN’s Puja Patel writes, producer Jamie xx “has all but mastered this aesthetic, couching melancholy vocals in gripping basslines and faded, knocking drums, along with enough melodic riffs to create a perfectly balanced and soulful tension.” Beneath all that lies a dance song held down by the song’s tautness, but Jamie lets it loose in the above remix. That four previously so gently hitting the floor becomes a genuine thumping, the bass heats up, and cool compressed atmosphere flows in. Mr. xx still uses white space and hush to his advantage, but now it’s a tool designed to bring us closer before the groove and bump return.

This revision arrives as part of a free Autralia-only multimedia EP (via iTunes), which also includes live footage of album opener “Angels” and the music video for “Chained.” So, unless you’re in Oz, you can’t have this one. It’s cool though, because iTunes user kewlkat234, who “really [has] no idea who the artist is” says, “Meh, not good.”