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DJ Shadow Shares the Mix That Miami Couldn’t Handle

DJ Shadow All Basses Covered Miami Club Incident

Last month, famous Miami nightclub Mansion booted DJ Shadow from the hip-hop trailblazer’s own show a mere 20 minutes into his set. Promoters have since apologized for the gaffe — apparently originally inspired by dude’s disinterest in playing the hits — and promised “changes within our organization,” which we can only hope means firing anyone who’d dare whisper into the legendary turntablist’s ear while he’s doing his thing.

Shadow made a promise following the incident as well: that he’d upload the set to SoundCloud so that “every1 can enjoy,” and now w3 all can thanks to the stream and download below. The origin of the “All Basses Covered” mix, which deeply explores the gamut of contemporary bass music, lies with the DJ’s summer sets at the San Francisco iteration of Los Angeles’ highly respected Low End Theory club. Shadow’s team explains:

“From hardcore rap to footwork and juke and beyond, Shadow has combed the web to curate seamless and dexterous blends of the most progressive sounds bubbling up from the underground. ‘Too hard?’ ‘Too future?’ Or just too raw? As always, DJ Shadow has provoked crucial flashpoints of discussion about the discipline of DJ’ing that have defined our turbulent times.” Stream that rugged ish, which includes a Simpsons theme rework, below.