Peaking Lights Catch a Wave in Surfer-Psych ‘Beautiful Dub’ Video

Peaking Lights' 'Beautiful Dub' video

There’s a toddler in Los Angeles named Mikko who really likes dub reggae. Okay, “throbby bass dub stuff,” to use father Aaron Coyes’ exact words. Coyes and Indra Dunis, the married duo better known as Peaking Lights, pay sublimely serene tribute to their child on “Beautiful Son,” the standout from this year’s genre-mashing space-out Lucifer. Last week, label Mexican Summer released Lucifer in Dub, a reworking of the pair’s night-themed 2012 LP that explores their dub proclivities still further. The new record’s “Beautiful Son” update refracts and expands on the original, including the somewhat eerie addition of that old-fashioned sound of a phone that’s been left off the hook. Peaking Lights’ friend Mike Seely assembled the “Beautiful Dub” video in San Francisco using colorfully psychedelic surfer footage. The maternal warmth of the Lucifer version becomes more tacit here, but then it’s not as if infants have any use for words, anyway. (Mikko has probably said a few by now. Starting with: “Needs more low-end,” perhaps?)


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