Watch Mick Jagger Share Well-Worn Wisdom for ‘Letterman’ Top 10

mick jagger, david letterman, rolling stones

The Rolling Stones are in New York for tonight’s all-star “12-12-12” Hurricane Sandy benefit (which may include a “reunited Nirvana”), so frontman Mick Jagger decided to stop by the Ed Sullivan Theater last night (December 11) to help Late Show host David Letterman present his signature “Top 10” bit. Running with the “50th anniversary” theme of the Stones’ current mini-tour, Jagger unveiled the top ten things he’s learned after a half-century of rock’n’roll. Among the treasured lessons: nobody wants to hear anything from your new album; never take relationship advice from Phil Spector; song royalties aren’t as lucrative as reverse mortgages; and you can’t always get what you want, especially if it’s a good joke on the “Top 10” list.

When it comes to comedic timing and delivery, don’t expect Jagger, who has appeared at the Sullivan Theater six times with the Stones, to replace Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia any time soon, but the “Gimme Shelter” singer delivers his lines well enough. What really elevates this Letterman segment is the enthusiasm emanating from the host and the studio audience. When Mick steps on stage he’s greeted with rapturous applause. “I don’t deserve it,” Jagger insists, in a strange act of modesty from a guy with such a high asking price.


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