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Watch Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Geek Out Over Horror Movie Memorabilia

Metallica Kirk Hammett Horror book

As evidenced by that hilarious photo of James Hetfield shopping at an Armani store, the members of Metallica are extremely rich. But while Hetfield likes to spend his dough on upscale Italian threads, guitarist Kirk Hammett has used his wealth on something much cooler: horror movie memorabilia. Hammett’s massive collection of costumes, movie posters, and props is the subject of a new hardcover photo book called Too Much Horror Business: The Kick Hammett Collection, which features interviews and captions penned by the guitarist himself. The book, which takes its name from a Misfits track, was released on September 25 by Abrams Image. Hammett has been collecting horror memorabilia since childhood, and by his own estimation, he currently has the second best collection among horror movie enthusiasts (via Blabbermouth). Too Much Horror Business would be a kickass Christmas present for Metallica fans and scary movie lovers alike, but if you need more convincing, watch the video, as Hammett takes the viewer on a 12-minute tour of his personal collection.