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Premieres and Britney Spears ‘Scream & Shout’ in Clubby Collaboration and Britney Spears "Scream & Shout"

Britney Spears almost never appears on the “featuring” side of a song’s credits, and with good reason: Any song with that iconic pop purr on it inevitably becomes a Britney song., who when not serenading Martians somehow coaxed Spears into doing her first non-remix guest spot this side of K-Fed, wisely remembers this fact on their EDM-pop collaboration “Scream & Shout,” which Ryan Seacrest premiered today. The man whose Black Eyed Peas once declared themselves “so 3008” reaches all the way back to 2007 to reprise Spears’ deathless “Britney, bitch” from Blackout‘s slinky, Danja-produced “Gimme More,” then dials up Azealia Banks’ “212” beatmaker Lazy Jay for fidgety, futuristic Euro-club beats more suited to the current pop environment.

The rest of the track follows giddy suit. “When you hear this in the club, you’re gonna turn this shit up,” Spears stutters in a pitched-down Nicki Minaj-style British accent;’s simple party-rock proclamations mostly stay out of the way. Plus for some reason (just because!) there’s a children’s choir-like backing vocal that echoes both Pink’s The Truth About Love-opening “Are We All We Are” and, somewhere in the same lineage, the soldier-monkey chant from The Wizard of Oz. Well, we aren’t on Mars anymore — and the results are a deliriously absurd successor to Femme Fatale‘s “Big Fat Bass,” a.k.a. the original wackathon.