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Watch Veronica Falls’ Hazy, ’90s-Tinged ‘Teenage’ Video

London-based singer-guitarist Roxanne Clifford and drummer Patrick Doyle’s first and apparently last single with their unfortunately named, now-defunct band Sexy Kids, “Sisters Are Forever,” used its surface-level sweetness to mask a decidedly creepy undercurrent. Joined by bassist Marion Herbain and guitarist James Hoare as Veronica Falls, they made that mix of harmony-packed catchiness and macabre discomfort a mission statement on last year’s excellent self-titled debut album. The winsome, lightly fuzzy dream-pop of “Teenage,” the first advance track from the quartet’s upcoming sophomore album, Waiting for Something to Happen, sheds the band’s self-applied “horror rock” description entirely. With songwriting approaching the emotion-rich tunefulness of Slumberland labelmates Allo Darlin’, and painstakingly ’60s-soaked atmospherics, “Teenage” promises to expose Veronica Falls to a whole new audience. Their new performance-based video for the song shares the music’s grainy retro quality and playful feel, but the visuals alone probably won’t be enough to win you over. For that there’s Clifford’s gentle, evocative narration: “Driving late at night, I let you listen to the music you like.” It’s a drive we’ll have to take February 4, then, when the wait for Waiting will be over.