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Watch Coldplay Bang Out One of Their Best (‘Clocks’) Live

A taste of a forthcoming concert film on Epix, three days before its worldwide release

Coldplay already gave us a sneak peak off their forthcoming Live 2012 with a video of “Paradise,” but lest we forget there was a time before HD and Mylo Xyloto, the U.K. titans of epic soft-rock bring us another teaser from the rockumentary, “Clocks.” The Grammy-winning single off 2003’s A Rush of Blood to the Head is perhaps the London outfit’s best song, and this one-and-a-half-minute clip does the stirring live rendition just enough justice to convince you that if you’re not parked in front of your computer to stream Coldplay Live 2012 when it streams on at 8 p.m. EST on November 17 (got that?), your life will lose some serious meaning.

In case you’ll miss the concert film’s one-night-only theatrical showing tonight, EPIX will premiere it as an Original Concert Event a full three days before the CD/DVD, Blu-Ray/CD, and digital copy are released for general purchase on November 19 via Capitol Records. Check out the “Clocks” clip and join the countdown at EPIX’s official website.

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