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Chief Keef Goes Melodic for ‘Dat Loud,’ Remixes Soulja Boy’s ‘Zan With That Lean’

Redoes Auto-Tuned SODMG song as "Kush Wit No Beans"

In case 17-year-old Chicago rapper Keith Cozart didn’t make it clear enough by naming himself Chief Keef, dude likes weed. That’s all well and good by us, but there is such a thing as overindulgence. Via a couple of new Keef joints that leaked to the Internet today, it seems our man may have smoked himself silly, from the fierce student of Waka Flocka Flame’s School of Hard Barks that we knew him to be, into an Auto-Tune’d crooner with a woozy sense of rhythm. “Dat Loud,” featuring Ballout, is a stoned sing-along set to cascades of synth and ridiculous pileups of drums courtesy of Young Dro’s original of the same name. Meanwhile, “Kush Wit Them Beans” is a major-chord pitch-fixed remake of Soulja Boy’s “Zan With That Lean.”

“Dat Loud,” shared by Chief Keef on Twitter:

“Kush Wit Them Beans,” uploaded to Keef’s YouTube channel:

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