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Cannibal Ox Promise Follow-up to Indie-Rap Classic Album ‘The Cold Vein’

Vast Aire and Vordul Mega are in the studio once again

On Tuesday, we learned that early aughts indie-rap icons Cannibal Ox are reuniting for a rare show in New York at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn on December 9. We’d expressed hope for one of those nifty full-album tours where long-lost groups perform the record that everyone loves them for and skip on all the wack shit, but it now seems we’ll get something even better (or maybe some real wack shit): a brand new CanOx album.

That original beloved full-length, of course, would be 2001’s The Cold Vein, which features some really great metaphors about a “metallic winged pigeon.” Fittingly, this new news comes courtesy of rap-oriented blog Pigeons and Planes, who spoke with in-group philosopher, Vast Aire. “We never broke up,” he said, “but the timing is now right for a new Cannibal Ox LP. Iron Galaxy Records is about to take over.”

Vast confirmed that he’s already in the studio with his consciousness-streaming other half, Vordul Mega. Presumably, Iron Galaxy Records will be the once Def Jux-signed duo’s own label, named after The Cold Vein’s magnificent opening salvo. Unfortunately, there was no mention of El-P, who laced that classic album with its minimal but perfectly dystopian score. He’s since vowed never to work with Cannibal Ox again.

Also from the land of unexpected CanOx developments, this acoustic instrumental of “Pigeon”: