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The Wu-Tang Clan and Kool G Rap Deliver ‘Rivers of Blood’

Wu-Tang Clan Kool G Rap Rivers of Blood New

Another day, another seriously funky, genuinely newsworthy song from the RZA’s upcoming film The Man With the Iron Fists. First there was his “Blowin’ in the Wind” (not a Bob Dylan cover). Then the brand new Wu-Tang Clan track, “Six Directions of Boxing,” with news of a potential reunion album. Followed by the groundbreaking team-up of RZA and the Black Keys for “The Baddest Man Alive.” And Kanye West’s “White Dress,” subject to much debate over a presumed proposal to Kim Kardashian. Now he’s shared yet another new Wu-Tang Clan track, “Rivers of Blood,” which finds the classic pairing of Ghostface Killah and Raekwon clearing the path for old school legend Kool G Rap. U-God takes the chorus, while Frank Dukes and rising rap band BadBadNotGood handle all of those blurting horns, thudding drums, and grimy guitars. The Man with the Iron Fists hits theaters on November 2. For more details on the soundtrack, revisit SPIN’s piece on “Six Directions of Boxing.”