T.I. Shares Molly and Models With Lil Wayne on New Single, ‘Ball’

T.I. Lil Wayne 'Ball' Listen

T.I.’s Trouble Man is due out December 18 and that’s exactly what he’ll have — trouble, man — if he keeps releasing singles about holding drugs only a year after getting out of prison for holding drugs. But hey, perhaps when he chants, “I gotta bottle, gotta model, gotta molly, gotta blunt,” for the chorus of the Lil Wayne-featuring “Ball,” he’s simply explaining that said model’s name is Molly, and that he feels the need to drop airs and speak plainly to her about his feelings: “if it’s manicured, [he] can have fun down there.” For its part, the beat is plenty blunt, offering a percussive assault of Casio beeps, foreign plinks, and futuristic bass cut with synth lines that’d sound at home on a Deadmau5 song.


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