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Can Taylor Swift’s Lyrics Get This Guy Laid?

Filmmaker Tommy Wooldridge tests the pickup potential of Swift's songs

Here’s something that will also surprise Taylor Swift: Filmmaker Tommy Wooldridge tried to pick up some unsuspecting and altogether confused women using the chart-topper’s lyrics. Vulture spotlighted a video of the fumbled sweet talk, in which Wooldridge approaches several ladies and spouts off lines such as, “You’re the reason for the teardrops on my guitar” and “Marry me, Juliet, and you’ll never have to be alone.”

Most of Wooldridge’s targets respond with a giggle and an apology to the awkward young man. “Just got to keep telling myself, ‘I’m a pimp, I’m a pimp.'” Yes, because nothing screams “pimp” like getting on bended knee and quoting country-pop hits to strangers while you film their reactions.

The end reveals that all of the women involved had to sign release forms, so Wooldridge did end up getting their digits. The real sham, though, is that the video doesn’t include a quick-witted lass uttering “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in reply.