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Animal Collective Do ‘Rosie Oh’ in Giant Mouth on ‘Fallon’

Animal Collective Fallon Rosie Oh

Last night, Animal Collective brought “Rosie Oh” to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On the SPIN Essential album Centipede Hz, the Panda Bear-sung standout makes like a bizarrely enticing mashup of Magical Mystery Tour live band jauntiness and Oneohtrix Point Never-style digital scree. If that seems like a strange choice for a television performance, well, it is, but this is Animal Collective and they do want they want. In this case, that included performing within a physical recreation (more like evocation) of their new album’s cover, complete with a bulbous set of LED-lit teeth and a segment of a technicolor centipede for your enjoyment. Fallon challenge: determine whether the camerawork is “arty” or just trying to shoot around the inflatable chompers.