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A Place to Bury Strangers Massacre Toys in Fiery ‘And I’m Up’ Video

"Either way I choose the choice is wrong"

A Place to Bury Strangers might be better known for making speakers melt, but in the latest video from this year’s solid Worship, the foreboding Brooklyn shoegazers turn up the heat on at least one action figure. Ricketier and more melodic than some of the band’s more industrial-informed sonic assaults, “And I’m Up” could slot nicely next to the scuzzy indie pop of, say, underappreciated late-’00s DFA signing Shocking Pinks. Fittingly, the video takes on a more playful feel, too. Premiered by Vice and directed by Karl Ackermann, brother of APTBS singer and lead guitarist Oliver Ackermann, the clip is a phantasmagoric display of toy and stuffed animal carnage. “Either way I choose the choice is wrong / So I’ll choose wrong,” Oliver intones. The song conveys coming-of-age fatalism, but the video suggests a bored kid choosing to rule over his playthings as anything but a benevolent deity.