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Watch 50 Cent’s Security Jump Gunplay at BET Hip Hop Awards

Gunplay 50 Cent BET Hip-Hop Awards

Sunday’s BET Hip Hop Awards were a mess for members of Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group crew. Two separate altercations led to a series of conflicting reports involving thrown punches, pepper spray and alleged arrests. Once the dust settled, it became (mostly clear) that the initial incident backstage at the Atlanta Civic Center was between Rick Ross and Young Jeezy. Now, a video clip has emerged of the second scuffle that all but confirms that 50 Cent and his crew jumped Ross protege Gunplay outside of the venue.

The footage is a little shaky — especially once the pepper spray starts flowing — but it seems to show a handful of men calmly approach and then suddenly attack a lone figure. The latter is quickly flung into a portable guardrail, then kicked and punched by the group. He bounces back, however, and seems to get the better of one assailant even as mace fills the air and, it appears, event security moves in. The victim then escapes the area and, as we later learn, takes refuge in 2 Chainz’s trailer.

But if it’s hard to glean that from the clip, Gunplay himself gave a play-by-play to New York’s Power 105.1 on Monday morning. Your decoder ring: Every time he says “Dunkey” he’s referring to 50 Cent; the “dunkies” are 50’s goons who, as Gunplay later explains, were not actually G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, as has been erroneously reported. It does appear, however that rumors of him getting his one chain snatched were true: “I don’t know what happened with the chain. Hell with it.”

“I was getting ready to go catch my ride,” Gunplay explains. “Police told me I couldn’t leave the trailers, and I turn around and I see the Dunkey with eight more dunkeys and it was either: me jump the barrier and run; or stand, pull up my pants and knuckle it out with the Dunkey. So … he nodded at one of the dunkeys and [he] set it off and we rumbled, and I stood up in the paint like a real G ‘posed to [against] five body guards trained to kill a human with one finger.”

The Miami MC also rather charmingly referred to his last-ditch attack on one of the muggers as “like a lion on a wildebeest.” Check it out: