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Alongside Prins Thomas and Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, Todd Terje is one third of the Holy Trinity of Norwegian disco. His colleagues may be slightly better known in indiedom, but it’s Terje that has ruled European dance floors for the past two summers — first with “Ragysh” and “Snooze 4 Love,” a complementary pair of springy synth workouts — and now a third with the ridiculously catchy “Inspector Norse.” “Myggsommer,” off his 2012 It’s The Arps EP, is a theremin-soaked tribute to Jean-Jacques Perrey’s space age lounge music. It nestles quirkily between songs by Thomas Bangalter and Panda Bear in Panda’s Animal Collective Radio Transmission DJ set, and a sound in tune with Centipede Hz‘s retrofuture bounce.

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