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The Apples in Stereo are among the least ridiculously named bands in the Elephant 6 collective, a loose aggregate of likeminded indie-poppers that formed in Georgia and Colorado in the ’90s (which also includes Neutral Milk Hotel and Olivia Tremor Control). For all of Apples leader Robert Schneider’s nutball tendencies — he’s invented a non-Pythagorean musical scale and a synthesizer he controls with his brain — the band has consistently cultivated a straightforward pop core, whether dabbling in psych, punk, or electronic surfaces. Their fearless blending of ’60s strawberrry alarm textures with contemporary indie rock presaged AnCo’s more psychotropic version of the same

Avey Tare: I was really into their first record. I think Brian was, too. I don’t really think about it for the harmonies, though. I just think about it as being a really sweet psychedelic record. It has a really nice sound for the time, compared to what a lot of other people were going for.

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