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Hear Trash Talk’s Brutal Odd Future Records Debut ‘F.E.B.N.’

"Forward Ever, Backwards Never" is a brief but brutal hardcore punk basher

The Wolf Haley-directed video for Trash Talk’s new single “F.E.B.N.” is set to debut tonight via the Odd Future homepage, but you can stream the brief yet brutal hardcore basher right now, right here (well, below). This is the first noise we’ve heard from the Los Angeles punks’ upcoming 119 LP due out October 9 via Odd Future Records (Mr. Haley being, of course, an alias of label CEO Tyler, the Creator), and we’re happy to report the thrashin’ Trashies haven’t changed much. Still violent. Still grinding. Still vital to your music vault.

The song’s title stands for the four-piece’s long-running motto: “Forward Ever, Backwards Never,” which we’re convinced was stolen from them by no less than ’70s reggae icon Jacob Miller, Grenadian revolutionary Maurice Bishop, and at least one German DJ compilation. No details yet on the upcoming video, but we’re hoping for a sequel to Haley’s Vietnam-style clip for the Tyler and Domo Genesis track “Sam is Dead,” which starred Trash Talk singer Lee Spielman, who also figures in heavily to David Bevan’s recent SPIN feature, “Rebooting Project Merch: Hardcore Punks Threaten Indie Rock’s Hold on the Cutting Edge.”

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