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Daniel Johnston Song Makes Axe Ad A Little Less Stinky

Usually, the commercials for the men’s grooming products that Axe creates come off as chauvinistic fantasies, meant to appeal to dudes who use Jersey Shore as their etiquette manual. Now, as spotted by Brooklyn Vegan, the company’s ad execs have released a commercial for some new hair product that still comes across like a chauvinistic fantasy — a man, represented by a small creature with long locks of hair, is able to attract a woman, another small creature represented by (duh!) breasts, by using the company’s magical snake oil — except there’s a twist. This commercial features outsider-pop hero Daniel Johnston’s heartfelt 1984 lo-fi masterpiece “True Love Will Find You in the End.” Because of this, were it not for the letchy stereotypes, the commercial might actually be touching or sincere. That said, we’re happy for Johnston, who, along with his recent collaboration with the clothing company Supreme, is probably reaping some pretty big rewards.