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Animal Collective Host Own Burning Man for ‘Today’s Supernatural’ Video

Anyone who ever sat through Oliver Stone’s The Doors — or at least Wayne’s World 2 or that episode of The Simpsons where Johnny Cash plays a talking coyote — knows the desert is a perfect place for a life-changing psychedelic freakout (ever heard of Burning Man?). Animal Collective’s new video for bouncy psych-pop single “Today’s Supernatural,” from September 4 album Centipede Hz, presents an exceptionally fucked-up variation on the theme. Directed by the band’s longtime visual collaborator Danny Perez, the clip shows Animal Collective-ist Avey Tare performing in frightening face paint alongside a billowy art-car-esque vehicle, a Chinese New Year-like dragon, and, um, disembodied arms holding, like, maces or something. Everything’s speeding over the sands. Supernatural, indeed — ghosts crowd the young child’s fragile eggshell mind.