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Chicago Record Store Leaks Hilarious ‘Do Not Never Ever Buy’ List

Fields of Gold: Not welcome in Chicago

If you are unfortunate to be as old as a SPIN editor, you not only know what a “record store” is, but you may have actually worked inside one! That’s why this list of “DO NOT NEVER EVER BUY” CDs from Laurie’s Planet of Sound, a shop in Chicago, tickled us as pink as the font on a Jessica Simpson album that you shouldn’t be buying. An employee leaked it to Instagram, The Daily Dot confirmed its accuracy, and the members of Fun Lovin Criminals shed a single tear, stared blankly at a pallet of unsold copies of Welcome to Poppy’s, and whispered “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

The complete list is below if you’re looking to have your memory jogged that Tripping Daisy existed. If you need us, we’ll be selling 15 copies of Sponge’s Wax Ecstatic to Laurie’s Planet of Sound until they get wise.

Photo via Mashable