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Vampire Weekend’s Chris Baio Gets a Model Tan in ‘Sunburn Modern’ Video

A still from "Sunburn Modern"

Last month, when Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio released his three-song solo EP, Tanto, the record might have come as a surprise to listeners who expected another set of verbose guitar-pop in the style of his day job. Released on Greco-Roman, a London- and Berlin-based label co-founded by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, Tanto takes a turn for sun-dappled electronics, as evidenced on the sprightly title track (which boasts vocals by like-minded Chilean artist Matias Aguayo). A still-bigger shift comes on EP instrumental “Sunburn Model,” which now has a mannequin-starring video as pleasant and unhurried as the track itself. Baio cameos toward the end as he meets his model manquée in Fort Greene Park; we’ve heard of fake tan, but we’ve never heard of a fake person getting sunburned. Then again, it’s summer. You don’t overthink summer. If you listen closely, that’s what the galloping bass line and uncluttered synth tones are saying, too. Ever so effortlessly. (via Fact)