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SpaceGhostPurrp Isn’t Sure if Nicki Minaj Can Hang With Him

SpaceGhostPurrp / Photo by Tim Saccenti

Rapidly rising rapper SpaceGhostPurrp is a simple man. Talking with Purrp at the Manhattan offices of 4AD Records, the 21-year-old explains that he likes a cold brew on his porch, watching the animated adventures of Garfield, and dominating stages across the country. Good thing his new Mysterious Phonk: Chronicles of SpaceGhostPurrp (4AD), out June 12 and which contains re-worked, re-mixed, and sonically clearer versions of his best mixtape jams, is giving him the chance to do the latter. We spoke with the Miami native about the still eerily claustrophobic, intensely charismatic album, who he’d like to work with (Hey, Nicki!), and his rapping heritage.

Let’s talk a little bit about the new album. Production-wise it’s cleaner than the stuff you’d put out without a label. Was that your decision?
4AD came up with the idea and I was like, “I like that.” I would like to do this for the fans and make [the sound] more clear for the people who was a real big fan of my music so they can enjoy it.

You’re from Miami, but your sound doesn’t seem to reflect that. What influenced your production style?
My sound came from what I grew up on. It was Three 6 Mafia. It was my father, my parents. My mom would play Bone Thugs all the time and my dad would play Three 6 all the time. My cousins were the ones into Hot Boys and shit. My family played a lot of dark rap. Oh, my mom did a song with Bone Thugs too. She rapped on it. I think it was with Layzie.

What?! What’s the song?
I should call her after this interview. I can’t remember. She did it when I was like 5 years old. I was up in the studio, young as fuck. I definitely know she did a track with them.

So your mom was a rapper. Does she ever offer you critiques?
Well when she heard my earlier shit, I was just in this state of mind like, “Fuck the world and fuck everything.” That was how I felt, so like “Suck a Dick” I was just having fun on that shit and when she heard it she was like, “What the fuck? This shit is crazy!” So she was just kind of laughing and pissed at the moment. She said it sounded whack.

When did you know you were going to make rapping your career?
A few years ago I was working at a fucking Marriott Hotel. I was fucking lifting tables and chairs in ballrooms and shit. I was just like, “Fuck this shit.” That job was hell. So I just decided to speak my mind anyway I can.

So when you’re at home in Florida, what’s a regular day like for you?
Garfield. I’ll be watching Garfield.

For real?
Oh yeah. Just talking to my guys and chillin’ back and mackin’, playing music. Just chillin’. Really, I’m just like an old man, nothing like these young fools. I be getting a beer and be on my porch. If shit starts to go bad I just go get my beer and prop a leg up on the porch.

I miss porches.
I feel you.

Who’s at the top of your list for people you want to work with?
Oh man, well I get hit up for beats a lot. I feel like a Pizza Hut. Like, can I get a fucking buy-one get-one deal? Like what the fuck do I look like, a fucking restaurant? But I love it, man. People they love my beats and this is crazy. They just placing their orders and shit. Oh, you know what? Cee-Lo hit me up.

Whoa, for solo stuff or Goodie Mob?
Yep he DM’d me and gave me his e-mail for solo stuff I think. It’s going to be like psychotic but funky at the same time. It’ll be crazy and groovy and shit.

Who else?
Well, I wanna work with Nicki Minaj. I just like her man. Fuck that shit: I wanna be with her. I can say that. I’m young and I can hang with her. I don’t know if she can hang with me.

Can she just come and chill on the porch?
Oh yeah. She can just come prop a leg up, pop a brew, and chill with the boys.