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Pleased to Meat Me: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Creators on the Finale and Season Two’s High Points

In the final episode of Bob’s Burgers’ second season, Bob’s dreams of becoming a celebrity chef with a recurring segment on the morning show Get On Up are compromised when he’s overshadowed by a scenery-chomping — and burger-chomping — sidekick: Gene in a Sasquatch mask that he procured in return for pop-and-lock lessons. Tensions rise, relationships are frayed, remote-control helicopters are used for self-debasement, and Tina dates a boy doppelganger obsessed with tasting the co-host’s hair. Nora Smith, esteemed writer of “Beefsquatch,” kindly responds to our goofball questions. As always, spoilers and inscrutable inside references abound.

Was this the highest number of burger specials in one episode? Do you have any favorites?
Yes. I believe that it’s the highest number of burger specials in anything ever. I decided to shoot for the moon on this one, hoping that the other writers would finally notice me. And I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite burger of the day, because I don’t remember any of them.

Has the wire-hanger lobby thanked you for rescuing them from decades of Mommy Dearest-related bad publicity?
I think the wire hanger lobby has bigger fish to fry. And I’m sorry I wrote that.

How many of these hard lessons about the price of fame come from the personal experiences of a hit comedy’s writing staff?
Everything I know about fame came from winning the Georgia Hoop Shoot at age 11, the most defining achievement of my life. And I’ve been chasing that dragon ever since. That helicopter thing happened to me. It felt good to write about it.

Who’s the best pop-and-locker on the writing staff?
I don’t know, what does THIS tell you? (If you could see me right now, I’m pop-and-locking really really well.)

What other lessons about sociology has Louise learned from Do the Right Thing, other than the fact that garbage cans thrown through windows always solve everything?
If it’s very hot out, don’t wear jeans and a sweater. Do the Right Thing and put on your summer clothing. Kind of a shallow theme for a movie, if you ask me.

Did you find it alarming that both Gene and Mad Men‘s Paul Kinsey found themselves working in and out of Hare Krishna phases on TV last night? Did that last longer than his Aladdin Sane phase?
I know for a fact that someone on staff tells the Mad Men people everything we do so that they can copy us. Like how Linda showed her boobs on TV and then Joan had boobs on TV? And how Don’s penis got superglued to that remote controlled helicopter? It’s getting a little ridiculous.

What does Pam’s hair taste like?
Shrimp. That should have been obvious.

Which came first, the chickenplant or the eggplant?
It’s hard to say, but I did win the Georgia Hoop Shoot at age 11. So…

Bonus round! Hey, Bob’s Burgers writers we talked to this year, what were your favorite moments of season two?
Jon Schroeder: My favorite moment from the past nine episodes would have to be how my episode aired first, guaranteeing it will be rerun at least twice over the summer. I’m gettin’ me some air conditioning!
Holly Schlesinger: My favorite moment was Gene’s robot college fantasy in “Bob Day Afternoon.” But then today, the production coordinator’s puppy went number two on the writers room floor and THAT became my new favorite moment.
Scott Jacobson: I’m sure everyone else is going to list the cameo by “Paul Blinkman” in episode 5, “Food Truckin’.” (I had the privilege of voicing Mr. Blinkman and my co-workers regard my performance as the high water mark of the series.) So I’ll rack my brain for some other perfect, sterling Bob’s Burgers moment. See you at the next bullet point.
– The “1984” Apple ad-inspired erotic friend fiction sequence in “Bad Tina.” I love it whenever Tina lets her freak flag fly. Incidentally, that sequence inspired a major outpouring of really high quality fan art that you can view at our blog,
– The scene, also in “Bad Tina,” where Bob forcibly patty-cakes Teddy after falling hard for a STOMP-style revue called CAKE. “IT’S NOT FUN FOR EVERYBODY, BOB!”
Wendy Molyneux: Well, there were a lot of things I liked this season, from Louise pooping in the pool to Bob getting a footjob from Linda’s sister to a crowd chanting, “Beefsquatch!” But when it comes to suspense, my favorite thing this season was the weird smell we had in the writers’ room for one day. We never figured out what the stench was, and there’s still a big mystery surrounding it. Maybe we’ll find out what it was during season three. Now that’s what I call a cliffhanger!