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Pleased to Meat Me: ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Creators on Episode 8

Bob's Burgers - Bad Tina

In the penultimate episode of Bob’s Burger’s second season features unchecked hormones, unchecked flatulence, and a terrifying glimpse into Tina’s dark side as she falls in with bad-seed new student Tammy Larson (Jenny Slate), who knows that the way to Jimmy Jr’s. affections involves pilfered margarita mix and good old-fashioned manipulation. Meanwhile, Bob gets hooked on the latest entertainment craze, extreme patty-caking. (It’s cooler than it sounds, even if it proves too much for Teddy.) Holly Schlesinger, who wrote “Bad Tina,” gamely fields our silly questions and arcane references, few of which will make sense to you if you haven’t seen the episode, which you totally should.

Tina has written a pretty impressive collection of slash fiction. What’s likely hotter: Sexy Sesame Street or Erotic Bones?
Hmm… Erotic Bones sounds hotter. Though Sesame Street has all that sexual tension between Bert and Ernie. It’s like Moonlighting with those two! Just do it already!

Is there any product of popular culture that wouldn’t be improved with a slash-fiction version?
Tuesdays with Morrie slash-fiction is probably a bad idea.

I think I have some hyper in my diaper. Should I get that looked at?
No, leave it there. It gives you a little extra pep in your step. Jagger in your swagger. Strut in your butt. Steam in your ween. (Should I keep going? No, I shouldn’t.)

Why are teenage girls so terrifying? Is this something you can personally relate to?
If you’re asking if I was terrifying as a teenage girl, not really. Unless you consider wearing turtlenecks and driving your mom’s station wagon terrifying. Most of my sass came from watching sitcoms — I’d mouth off to my mom then pause for audience reaction or look at the camera and smile, like Mr. Roper in Three’s Company.

This is the most important question we’ve ever asked in one of these: IIs Wagstaff School an homage to Randy and Cheese Wagstaff from The Wire?
According to [show creator] Loren [Bouchard], the name Wagstaff is from a Marx Brothers movie. Groucho played Professor Wagstaff in Horse Feathers.

Cake looks kind of awesome. That’s not really a question, though. Here’s one, though: Who’s the best patty-daddy on the show?
I don’t know about the best patty-caker but I do know that Nora Smith is the best hoop shooter on staff. But if you listened to our DVD commentary, you already knew that.

Do you think extreme patty-caking could catch on? It’s not as dumb as planking. And can I get one of those Cake shirts?
If you get SPIN to sponsor a national Cake touring company, I’ll get you a t-shirt!

Bob’s Burgers is pretty great at inventing words. Quick, what’s the best early-’90s band name from this episode? Boobpunch, Bathroom Clowns, Glamsterdam, Horcelain, Snoregasm, or Prudebaga?
Actually, Bathroom Clowns was a working title for the Juggalos.

This episode was probably finished a long time ago, but if we wanted to, could we read the accidental, violent, margarita-mix-abetted demise of Tina’s beloved Horcelain as a Luck reference?
The loss of the cartoon porcelain horse is far more tragic than the loss of those real horses on Luck.