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Unflappable Rihanna Finally Embarrassed by Aussie Duo

DGAF, Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic

Over the past few months, the media has tried desperately to get a reaction out of Rihanna above the general “DGAF” baseline she’s established in the wake of her choice to start hanging out with Chris Brown after the Grammys earlier this year. Recently, she walked out of an interview when the journalist asked her about her love life. MTV tried to get a rise out of her again last week, after Coachella weekend No. 1 found RiRi partying with Snoop and a bald dude with some questionable substance(s), but even then, Rihanna couldn’t find “a fuck to give.” Who’d’ve thought, then, that it’d be Australian podcasters who’d finally get her to give one?

Watch below (via Buzzfeed) as podcasters Hamish and Andy put Rihanna on the spot. Apparently, they jokingly gave her an idea back in 2010 for a lyric (“Rum pompa pum”) that she promised she wouldn’t use… and then the suspiciously onomatopoeic “Man Down” came out a year later. They don’t appear too beat up about it, but her reaction is priceless. Watch the trial unfold below.