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Kanye West and Odd Future Want You to Look at Them Now

A series of Tumblr posts hint at their potential, and probably inevitable, collaboration

Kanye West and Odd Future might be at different points in the road, but they’re taking similar paths. Whatever else you could say about them — and a lot has already been said — both are willfully provocative hip-hop acts who’ve won over crucial portions of the pop, hip-hop, and indie-rock audiences through their constant innovation and unexpected moments of emotional vulnerability. And now signs are pointing toward something that was possibly inevitable from the start: a passing-of-the-torch collaboration between the two. This shit, too, might be cray.

As Pitchfork points out, a series of artfully rough-looking photos have been posted on the GolfWang Tumblr showing West, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, the Creator together in a studio next to assorted recording gear. It’s not a huge leap to assume the next step will be an official announcement of some type of joint track involving West and the Odd Future members. After all, Ocean has already worked with ‘Ye, and he’s reportedly set to appear on an upcoming compilation by West’s G.O.O.D. Music label.

Not that Yeezy is only working with the Odd Future crew. Another G.O.O.D. signee, R&B singer Tony Williams, has enlisted West for a couple of verses on the complete version of “Another You,” which will evidently appear on Williams’ King or the Fool album (a shorter take appeared on Williams’ Some of My Best Rappers Are Friends mixtape). Via Hypetrak, the passionately crooned love song finds a balance between pillowy Philly soul and swaggering 2012 dance-rap, while West moves from alphabetical undressing to laughing off haters. It’s a low-stakes but savvy look: After so much grandiosity in recent years, West can be easier to enjoy when it sounds like he cares a little less about critical approval.