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Hear Nicki Minaj Fire Away With Lil Wayne on ‘Roman Reloaded’

Nicki Minaj has just dropped the title track for her forthcoming (April 3, we’re told) follow-up to Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded, and while the Lil Wayne-assisted song isn’t all we’d hoped for, it’s not the worst thing that could’ve happened to the album.

"Roman Reloaded" isn’t the catchiest, radio-friendliest track Nicki’s dropped of late by a long shot, considering "Starships" and "Young Forever" were more or less written for the "Super Bass"-leaning, adolescent crowd (read: those who probably didn’t obsess over her verse on Kanye’s "Monster"). "Reloaded" literally consists of one note repeated over and over again, mixed in with some gunshot and explosion FX, sporadic Weezy interjections about doing shitloads of drugs, and one too many repetitions of the phrase "Barbie bitch" in place of actually attempting to rhyme with the word "bitch."

Still, it’s certainly not the least kosher song she’s released from the record, and, being one of the straight-up rap song we’ve heard from the record, it serves to remind everyone that Nicki isn’t the Katy Perry-esque pop princess folks have been starting to think she is.