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Watch Evanescence’s Amy Lee Be Magical, Sad in ‘My Heart Is Broken’


Evanescence fans rejoice and behold, the new video for “My Heart Is Broken.” Directed by Dean Karr — who’s known for his work with other artists like Dave Matthews Band, Cypress Hill, and Marilyn Manson — it’s the second from the band’s recent eponymous release.

The “Broken” clip, which premiered on the band’s Vevo page earlier today, features pretty lights and a field of wheat, in addition to the usual Evanescence fare — frontwoman Amy Lee in pale chiffon and corsets, a fantasy world involving lots of wind and unpleasant situations (see: the video for “Bring Me to Life”), and dreadlock-banging galore. In the making-of clip posted four days ago to tease the video’s release, Lee confesses jokingly,”I’ll write stuff and not really know what I’m writing about, listen back, and then think, ‘Oh, I’ve got to change my life!’ “

Which leads us to ask…Amy, are you okay??