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Velvet Revolver Book One-Off Reunion With Scott Weiland


Velvet Revolver’s 2008 split with frontman Scott Weiland was anything but amicable. The press release announcing the former Stone Temple Pilot singer’s exit from the supergroup quoted Slash as saying, “This band is all about its fans and its music and Scott Weiland isn’t 100 percent committed to either” and “Among other things, his increasingly erratic onstage behavior and personal problems have forced us to move on.” Slash also told Rolling Stone, “Basically, we’re just excited about finding someone else and moving on.”

But the band never did find a new lead singer (despite many rumors and attempts), and haven’t recorded a new album since 2007’s Libertad. And now Blabbermouth reports the band is putting aside its swiftly eroding differences for a brief January 12 performance at “Love You Madly: A Concert For John O’Brien” at West Hollywood, California’s House of Blues. The good cause: a tribute to composer and music supervisor O’Brien, who was found dead in a Chicago hotel room on August 20 at age 45. The extremely random bill also includes Tom Morello, Sheryl Crow, Stephen Stills, and members of Maroon 5.

In August, Weiland told Pulse of the Radio nobody was ruling out the possibility of a Velvet Reconciliation: “We patched things up and we get along. I see them every now and again, we text each other. And you know, we can never say never. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some shows some time.”