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A Milli Little Pieces: Lil Wayne Writing Prison Memoir


One thing we now know: Lil Wayne is writing a memoir about the eight months he spent at Rikers Island prison on a gun possession charge in 2010. One thing we believe: It is almost impossible to imagine a situation where this book will not be awesome.

Grand Central will publish the book, Gone Till November, which is slated for a November release. “He kept detailed journals of his inner and outer life while he was on Rikers Island and they certainly tell as story,” the publishing house’s executive editor said in a statement. This we sort of knew: Weezy published a blog called Weezy Thanx You while incarcerated in which he replied to fan mail and its first post was titled “Gone ’til November.” So we knew he was listening to Hot 97 and keeping tabs on the Washington Redskins’ trade for quarterback Donovan McNabb while doing his jail job (watching over suicidal inmates).

A bit weird Weezy’s tome will be sharing a title with an old Wyclef Jean song, though. Why not call it, say, I Know Why the Caged Birdman Protégé Sings, How to Love (Your Upper Bunk Cellmate), or The Do-rag Archipelago? Regardless, we’ve now got one less space on our Christmas 2012 wish list.