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Bill O’Reilly Minds His Ice Ts and Cubes


On Monday night’s typically trenchant installment of The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly dropped some keenly insightful hip-hop knowledge on conservative commentator Bernard Goldberg. See, the two were talking about a New York Times column that called Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney “the whitest white man to run for President in recent memory.” And during the dialog, O’Reilly ribbed Goldberg for being whiter than white. Goldberg protested by showing a photo of himself with Ice Cube — only he said it was Ice-T.

O’Reilly pounced. “That’s Ice Cube, Bernie! That’s how white you are! … I’m a brother, man. You can’t be doing that to me! I know the Cubes from the Ts.” Hopefully O’Reilly finds a way to test his rap knowledge against Sarah Palin, who believes hip-hop fell off after 1979.