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Watch Jeff Tweedy Awkwardly Report the Weather on Chicago Morning Show

Sunshine in Chicago looks 'pretty good' to Wilco frontman

This morning, on Chicago’s WGN morning show, Jeff Tweedy made his debut as an awkward, self-deprecating weatherman. In the span of a minute, the Wilco frontman managed to ruin breakfast with a doomsday joke, riff on viewers’ literacy, and throw his palms skyward no fewer than ten times —all while the band’s “Shot in the Arm” played in the background.

Dressed in a button-up jean shirt with one hand jammed into his front pocket, Tweedy was precisely the opposite of the bald, straight-laced forecaster who tasked him with reporting the week’s weather.

“Seven days seems kind of optimistic to me,” he said. “It looks pretty good. I don’t know. Things could be worse?”

Acknowledging that his improvised script might raise a few eyebrows he offered, “I’m sure you’re just getting up, you’re wondering what to wear today. The last thing you want to see is a guy from Wilco doing the weather. You’re probably thinking some virus has swept through the WGN studios and there’s only a few of us left to man the controls.”

Luckily, both for his fans and the Windy City’s breakfast television audience, Tweedy isn’t considering a career change. The band, currently in the middle of a five-night run of shows at different venues around their home city, were on the WGN set to play a pair of songs from their Grammy-nominated album, The Whole Love. In short, don’t quit your day job, dude.

(Tweedy enters around :30 mark)