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Meet the (Now 37-Year-Old) Boy on U2’s ‘Boy’ Cover


The boy pictured on the the cover of U2’s iconic albums Boy and War is now 37 and, in an intriguing twist, he’s become a photographer himself. So reports Yahoo’s blog The Difference, which caught up with the now Dublin-based Peter Rowen for a recent interview. “Bono lived across the road and was friends with my brother,” Rowen says. “I don’t know why they thought of me.”

Rowen was 5 years old when he first appeared on a U2 record cover (the band’s debut Three EP) and 8 years old at the time of the War photo shoot. He has spoken before about how he recalls little from the War shoot — mostly not liking the soup and remembering Bono almost crashing a car, but it’s still heart-warming to hear that the Boy boy is a father himself now. He has even photographed U2 shows and made unusual connection on a recent assignment.

“A guy started talking to me about my camera and he said he used to be a photographer and his most famous picture was War,” Rowen tells The Difference. “I said, ‘That was me!’ He’s a judge now.” Check out Rowen’s work here.