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7 Brilliant Term-Paper Ideas for Georgetown’s Jay-Z Class


Students at Georgetown University can earn three credits this semester in Michael Eric Dyson’s new course “Sociology of Hip-Hop: Jay-Z.” Yes, a whole line of study is devoted to the man who once rhymed, “You can pay for school but you can’t buy class.” Helpful hint: When the professor asks when you’re turning in your papers, he’s not referring to these papers. Here are some term paper ideas that’ll guarantee you can breathe easy at the end of the semester:

• Reasonable Doubt: Determining Supply and Demand in the Crack and Men’s Apparel Markets

• Squashing the Beef, Beating the Haters, and Dominating the Game

• Roc Boys: How Hip-Hop Redefined Applied Geology

• Cashmere Thoughts: The Semiotics of Luxury-Brand References in Contemporary Hip-Hop

• Comparative Politics: Rap Game/Crack Game

• 40 Is the New 20: Making Mathematics Work For You

• 99 Problems But an Algorithm to Determine Whether a Multivariate Polynomial Equation With Integer Coefficients Has a Solution Ain’t One