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Black Lips Defend Their Southern Pride


Rowdy Atlanta rockers the Black Lips have a new record coming out on June 7 titled Arabia Mountain, and guitarist Ian St. Pé tells SPIN that the Mark Ronson-produced album “is hot!”

But, as is the band’s wont, there’s a ton of tongue-in-cheek comedy as well: One of the songs, “Spidey’s Curse,” tells the story of Spider-Man being molested. “People don’t know that happened,” says frontman Cole Alexander. “It’s kind of a dark comic.”

But the big topic of conversation in the SPIN Shed at SXSW was the band’s love for the Dirty South. “I didn’t want to leave the South, so I moved to Atlanta and met these guys.” says St. Pé, a New Orleans native. “In L.A. and New York, you gotta work so hard for a little something. [In the South] you have time to breathe and do something called your art.”

Watch the interview below, and check out performance footage of the band from SXSW!

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