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MGMT Chat with SPIN at Voodoo Fest


During this weekend’s Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, artists stopped by the American Express® ZYNC ZONE, to chat with SPIN about their summer festival experiences and much more, among them MGMT– watch our video interview, plus performance footage below!

According to guitarist James Richardson, the band has lost count of how many festivals they’ve played, but that’s just helped them hone their live presence.

“You can’t go on these long droned out interludes and you kind of have to project yourself more because you’re further away,” he said.

Vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden took a crowd poll on who enjoyed the band’s second record, Congratulations, and received serious applause.However, not everyone has been as supportive.

“There’s people that hate it, I just saw a guy outside that said he hated it.Not cool,” he said.”I just made that up actually.”

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