LISTEN: Klaxons Release First Song in Three Years


Brit nu-rave outfit Klaxons have released “Flashover,” their first new music since their breakout 2007 debut Myths Of The Near Future. So how’ve the lads spend the past three years? Well, possibly listening to early Incubus albums and dropping ecstasy at loud construction sites.

“Flashover” is an assault of violent sounds: a screeching, metal-on-metal electric guitar lead, bulldozer drums, and a blitzkrieg slap bass. Klaxons’ typical psychedelic flourishes are intact: atmospheric keys and other computer-generated sounds wash over the track. But “Flashover” is FAR from the upbeat, harmonious dance party that was their hit single “Golden Skans.” It’s heavy. It’s a little frightening. But it’s good!

If “Flashover” is any indication, the Klaxons’ upcoming second album, reportedly called Surfing The Void, is taking their good-times psychedelic trip to the dark side.

Listen to “Flashover” below, then tell us what you think in the comment section below.


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