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Lil Wayne Detained by Police


Lil Wayne is having a bad week.

Just days after the leak of his new album, Rebirth, the rapper had yet another run-in with police Friday in Falfurrias, TX, where the Cash Money star and members of his entourage were detained by authorities after U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered marijuana on his two tour buses, MTV reports.

Weezy and 11 members of his crew were held for hours, missing a concert in Laredo, TX, before citations were issued to several onboard. According to the rapper’s attorney, Wayne was not charged. [Via TMZ].

Lucky for local fans, the scrapped concert was made up the following night.

The incident is the latest in a string of run-ins with the police. The rapper, 27, will appear in a New York City court February 9, where he will be sentenced for an attempted gun possession charge stemming from a 2007 arrest. Wayne is expected to receive up to one year in prison. But that’s not all: In March, Weezy F. Baby is also set to face charges in Arizona for a 2006 arrest for alleged possession of marijuana and controlled substances (pharmaceutical narcotics Xanax and hydrocodone).

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