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Another Single From Lil Wayne’s ‘Rebirth’ Leaks


It was over a year ago that we first heard about Lil Wayne’s in-the-works rock album, and after countless delays and one pesky gun-charge conviction, the album — due, finally, supposedly, December 21 — is showing signs of actually existing.

Mere days after the appearance of the Scarface score-biting “On Fire,” “Da Da Da” has reared its heavily Auto-Tuned head, and it’s pretty much what you had in mind when you heard Weezy was learning guitar and working on a “rock” record.

Which is to say, it kinda sounds like Cash Money’s own Kevin Rudolph.

The single also restores Auto-Tune to its original pre-ubiquitous-gimmick purpose, which is to mask a singer’s flaws. Somewhere there’s a tape of Lil Wayne’s vocal stylings on the verses sans digital manipulation. That’d probably be something to hear.

The chorus features the titular syllables crooned in a manner that stops just short of catchy, but it’ll be interesting to see whether these songs have the staying power of “A Milli” and company. Initial buzz indicates…probably not.

Download “Da Da Da” here and decide for yourself in the comment section below.