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WATCH: Lou Barlow Covers La Roux!


For more than 25 years, Lou Barlow has been a prolific songwriter with a wide range of sounds and influences, whether it’s the grunge of Dinosaur Jr. or the experimental folk of his Sebadoh project.

But who knew the 43-year-old rock vet took recommendations from his four-year-old daughter?

Barlow recently stopped by SPIN’s Manhattan offices to play two new songs from his debut solo album, Goodnight Unknown (out now via Merge), and a cover of his daughter’s favorite song: La Roux’s “Bullet Proof.”

“We have on demand videos… and when we’re really bored I just go through the videos and see what she likes,” Barlow explained of watching TV with his daughter. “She really likes Lady Gaga, which is great, because I like Lady Gaga, too. One of the other ones we really liked was this crazy ’80s video called ‘Bullet Proof’ by La Roux.”

His cover of La Roux’s electro-pop hit comes through beautifully on acoustic guitar, and falls in line with gentle nuanced versions of “Too Much Freedom” and “Sharing,” the opening track from Goodnight Unknown.

In SPIN’s October issue, Josh Modell wrote that Barlow’s latest album “feels much more cohesive and clean than anything the impetuous, release-everything Barlow of yore would’ve done.”

Are you digging his folk-pop style or yearning for the blaring guitar rock of ole? Let us know in the comment section below! And to see more acoustic performances from SPIN HQ, including sets by Kings of Convenience, Frightened Rabbit, the Swellers, Noisettes and more, click here.

WATCH: Lou Barlow SPIN Session