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Joakim, ‘Milky Ways’ (Versatile/!K7)

On his 2006 debut, Monsters & Silly Songs, French producer Joakim Bouaziz meandered through assorted bastard pop styles, with one fantastic club hit (“I Wish You Were Gone”) to show for it. Milky Ways is a clear upgrade, with bettersongwriting lending structure to his adventurous genre-hopping. Some credit goes to backing band the Disco, which adds heft to the delightful proto-house number “Spiders” and post-rock excursion “Love & Romance & a Special Person.” But Joakim hasn’t lost his frolicsome edge. Shuffling between the synth-pop of “King Kong Is Dead” and jaunty squall of “Fly Like an Apple,” he rides the Milky Ways with aplomb.

WATCH: Joakim & the Disco, “Back to Wilderness (Live)”