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Watch: My Chemical Romance Unveil New Songs Live


There’s no substitute for live audience feedback — so My Chemical Romance took three brand new songs straight from the studio to the stage at L.A.’s Roxy on Friday night.

In town recording their fourth album, MCR rolled out fresh tunes during the encore of their secret show: “Death Before Disco,” “Kiss the Ring,” and “The Drugs.” You can check out video of “Death Before Disco” below.

The song is a sharp turn into very traditional rock — easy to think of hard driving Swedish band the Hives when listening to “Death Before Disco.”

That shift into more concise, heavier songs from their studio sessions with producer Brendan O’Brien, as they work on the follow up to 2006’s The Black Parade, was confirmed by the band this morning.

“What we’re bringing from Black Parade to the new album is that sense of creative spark, where anything can feel possible, except distilled into a three minute, 30-second song,” guitarist Ray Toro explained. “After Black Parade, we were ready for a more aggressive sound, similar to Revenge, but even harder.”

Singer Gerard Way also said that his band’s fourth studio album is not centered around a concept, as the previous three were.

“At this point, the best way to describe the new album is My Chemical Romance being the purest, most distilled version of itself,” said Way. “No bells and whistles, as the focus has been on melody and songwriting.”

My Chem has yet to announce a release date for the new album.

WATCH: My Chemical Romance, “Death Before Disco”